Renewable & Sustainable and Green energy production investment solutions

100% Safe

Valuable investment for future

12.8%+ Average Annual Returns

We produce renewable energy for a sustainable future

We have a diversified production portfolio

100% green energy

We seek out energy in the power of wind and water, in the heat of the sun, in the depths of the earth and, above all, in people.
We are developing renewable energy and helping to make the world a cleaner place.
Modern biomass systems include dedicated crops or trees, residues
from agriculture and forestry, and various organic waste streams.
Solar energy is the most abundant of all energy resources and can even be harnessed in cloudy weather. Solar technologies can deliver heat, cooling, natural lighting, electricity, and fuels for a host of applications.
Wind energy comes from a natural and renewable resource (it will never run out), it is clean: it produces no greenhouse gas emissions nor emits air pollutants, and it uses very little water.






Let's build a better future all together

Earn income from renewable energy

Use solar and wind energy to your advantage

If you are like us – believer of sustainable and green future

Come and join us whether you are a landowner, investor, startup, looking for a job or want to use renewable energy.
Become a key player of the future by financing 100% green projects with the largest community of investors in Europe.
Then become part of our's success story! We create the optimal solution for our customers and the maximum return on investment.

How it works




Pays the specified amount and receives confirmation of the number of shares purchased.
12.8%+ Average Annual Returns. No risk. 100% guaranteed yours future financial flow.


Choose the number of shares from the offered options or fill out the application form.

Become a Green Investor and gain money by investing in sustainable projects

50 € – 10 promotions
250 € – 50 promotions
500 € – 100 promotions
5000 € – 1000 promotions
12,8%+ Average Annual Returns
Investment duration – 12 months
12,8%+ Average Annual Returns
Investment duration – 12 months
12,8%+ Average Annual Returns
Investment duration – 12 months
Profits interest
12,8%+ Average Annual Returns
Investment duration – 12 months
Profits interest

Or fill out the application form for your own choose

We give you freedom!
We develop renewable energy which we use ourselves. Thus, long term good cooperation with investors is a priority for us.

We strive to create the highest value for both sides, so open and honest communication is the key for us.

About us

Universuss encourages investment flows and works to strengthen technology and innovation, with diverse stakeholders contributing to these shared goals.

Universuss is a European based Green, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Production Company.

We specialise in providing clients with access to clean-energy investments, in geographically safe, and politically secure, locations in Europe. The returns that we find for clients, from renewable-energy investments, are towards the top of the scale but are reassuringly realistic due to the strong pressure in Europe to replace fossil fuel use with renewable energy.
Universus's main focus is the production and sale of renewable energy within the growing European market.
Our strategy to position the company and its operations in Europe have successfully put us and our clients' investments right in the heart of the demand for sustainable energy in Europe. This model allows us to deliver value to our clients via the leveraging of the ever-growing European demand for renewable energy.
Our mission — enabling progress with sustainable energy. We promote electrification and sustainable energy by looking after people and the environment. Sustainability means value for everyone involved. That's why we develop strong relationships with consumers, partners, investors, institutions and local communities.
Innovation and sustainability are at the heart of our work. Two fully integrated cores guiding all of our actions. Innovability is the vision we've chosen to achieve one large goal: a new era of zero-emissions energy to make the world a better place for everyone.

Universuss promotes the widespread adoption and sustainable use of all forms of renewable energy

Including bioenergy, solar and wind energy, in the pursuit of sustainable development, energy access, energy security and low-carbon economic growth and prosperity.

We are a renewable energy developer shaping a cleaner tomorrow
We've been on a fast-track when it comes to developing and building solar and wind parks in cooperation with communities.
We make solar and wind power happen.
We also develop energy storage
This is our contribution to tackling climate change and green transition. Every day our people in the work towards the future of energy security via clean and renewable energy sources.
Our ambition is to develop renewable energy and be the fastest growing renewable energy company in the Europa
We provide environmentally friendly energy and help make the world cleaner.
All our energy for the benefit of a greener future
We work every day to ensure that we all have enough electricity produced from renewable energy in the future.

Universuss is a project that aims to increase the share of renewable energy in the electricity sector

To do so, the project focuses on advancing renewable energy communities in European countries learning from regions with advanced community energy development and supporting target regions with the potential to further develop energy communities.
Specifically, the project focusses on advancing renewable energy communities as per the EU's recast Renewable Energy Directive.

Why renewable energy solution is a smart investment?

Wise, sustainable investment
An investment into renewable energy solutions is both stable and reliable.
Source of profit
12.8%+ average annual returns.
Valuable investment for future
Investment in renewable energy is a stable and reliable one. Renewable energy solution is an option to invest your funds without taking long-term liabilities.
The rapid increase in global energy demands are putting a strain on the energy production market and this is increasing the use of fossil fuels.
100% safe
Fully insured projects, always paid on time.
Currently, under the influence of several circumstances
First: the European green course
Second: the rapid increase in the prices of energy resources
Third: the need to reduce energy dependence on energy resources
supplied by third countries.

Why Universuss?

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Why you should invest your money with Universuss?

Join the exciting world of investing and start earning great returns

Short-term results


Total control, total transparency

With Universuss you don't have to wait years or decades to see the returns on your investment which means it is the perfect way to turn a profit quickly.
The return comes from renewable, sought-after raw materials and not from speculation on stock exchanges or virtual profits on financial markets. Join the exciting world of investing and start earning great returns

High returns on secured lokans

Our return on investment of 12.8% represents great value and unlike most other short-term loan products we secure all loans against the property itself which brings an added element of security.

Why do communities choose to join us?

Where every citizen will be able to produce and share green energy with others, combining environmental benefits with economic and social ones. Energy communities will be protagonists of a new energy regime: no longer centralized and hierarchical but distributed and collaborative.

Public offer

  • Universuss is a European based Renewable Energy Investment company offering clients to invest in sustainable energy solutions whilst also receiving a secure return on their capital.
  • Universuss does not offer financial advice and none of the proposals published on the portal should be considered as such. Each investment must be made in relation to your financial capacity.
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